The Full Monty Collection


Our most over the top collection of the best of the best. Experience super premium cheese, caviar, cocktails, champagne and more! 

In this collection you will experience:

Will Studd Selection, Vacherin Le Duc, white mould cheese, France
Berry's Creek, Riverine Blue, buffalo milk blue cheese, Gippsland
36 month aged Comté, France
Barely Buzzed, aged cheddar with ground coffee and lavender buds rind, USA
Roqueforte, blue cheese, sheeps milk, France
Delice de Bourgnogne, triple cream cow's milk, France
Artisan Salumi
Ortiz Anchovies
10g Black Pear Siberian Caviar
10g White Sturgeon Caviar 
Crème fraîche
Harrisfarm Smokehouse, Vodka cured salmon
Valrhona Chocolate x4 petite fours
Frerejean Frères, Premier Cru Brut, Champagne, France
x2 14 Days housemade cocktails

We work with artisan producers which means sometimes we can’t source the exact products listed, we will replace them with equally delicious premium products from other producers we love.

Delivering to Sydney and Melbourne

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From us to you we keep your delivery cold with our specialist cold couriers.

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