Sassy French Cidre + Cheese


We’ve paired our favourite French Cidre with two cheeses. Experience three Sassy Cidres,  all are made from a complex blend of cider apples, meticulously selected by hand in Normandy. The recipes took years to perfect and are closely guarded, having been inspired by the work of generations of cider lovers at The Chateau de Sassy.

Cidre Brut
Perfect balance between the traditional dry taste of a cidre brut and the fruitiness of a semy-dry cidre. Smooth effervescence, full-bodied with apple and leather aroma, subtle balance between acidity, bitterness and roundness. It’s 5.2 % ABV, full-bodied with a balance of dry and fruity notes. Made using 22 varieties of apple it has a bright and golden colour and is lightly sparkling

Cidre Rosé
Well-balanced cidre with fruit aromas and light acidity for a round mouthfeel and long lasting finish. Best enjoyed as an apéritif and alongside sorbet or pastry desserts. It’s 3 % ABV with a subtle balance between semi-dry and soft cidre, made using 18 varieties of apple it has a natural pink colour.

Crisp with subtle acidity and a smooth effervescence balancing perfectly with the pear’s natural sugar. It’s 2.5 % ABV and light golden colour.

Matched with two premium cheeses, Le Conquerant Camembert from Normandy, with it’s earthy notes pairs brilliantly with the cidres from the same region. Along with an Australian Meredith Dairy Mountain Pepperberry goat chevre, the stronger flavour balances with the slight sweetness of the cidres.

This Collection contains:

Sassy Cidre Brut - 700ml
Sassy Cidre Rosé - 700ml
Sassy Cidre Poiré - 700ml
Le Conquerant Camembert 250g
Meredith Dairy Mountain Pepperberry
Oliver Lane (Gluten Free) Crackers

We work with artisan producers which means sometimes we can’t source the exact products listed, we will replace them with equally delicious premium products from other producers we love. 

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